Our Next Upcoming Event: Hendrickson Hatch Fly Fishing Tournament



To inspire and facilitate community members to promote sustainable revitalization, development, protection and inspiration in Malone.


To organize,

 along the Salmon River

encourage, and channel energy and resources into our community.

To preserve,

Main Street maintains its historical image

enhance, and celebrate its assets to become a destination.

To encourage

The Painted Lady of Malone

smart growth, historical preservation and innovation in Malone.

To facilitate


actions and responsibilities to affect a positive quality of life.

To promote


its natural beauty, friendliness, prosperity and future success.

To enhance


the environment to support a great place to live, raise children, work and retire.


Cultural Preservation and Presentation


Encouraging businesses and residents to plant flowers, paint when needed, hang banners and keep areas tidy makes Malone a beautiful place to live.

Neighborhood Revitalization


Repainting a fountain, upgrading sidewalks, adding park benches, straightening signs, hanging flags, planting flowers, and working together can make a neighborhood attractive.

Support Positive Municipal Issues


MRF has applied for a grant from the Adirondack Foundation's Generous Acts to complete a planting on Main Street to screen a brownfields parking lot.  It's important to remove eyesores.   

Public and Social Awareness


Working with Foothills Art Society, Malone Chamber of Commerce, Malone Complete Streets, the YMCA, the Village and the Town. 

Protection of the Salmon River


Stocking trophy trout annually brings fishermen to Malone and area.  A large tract of Catch and Release is found in the Town of Malone.  

Historic Preservation


In New York State, Malone is next only to Saratoga in the quantity of historical homes and business locations.



Public and Social Awareness

Effect a community facelift in cooperation with partner organizations.

Announce coming events

Cooperative efforts with the Malone Chamber of Commerce to promote a community calendar.

Using Facebook and our website to promote Malone.

The Historic District

Completion of the Business District, application of grant for residential district, encourage walking tours and encourage building owners to invest and enhance historic character of their properties.

The Salmon River

To continue Hendrickson Hatch Fly Fishing Tournament, to stock the river, to publicist the beauty of the river, to hold a summer festival.

Neighborhood beautification

To hold clean up days, to increase plantings, to maintain and prune existing trees.

Organization Cooperation

To support Complete Streets initiatives, the Malone Chamber of Commerce business community, Foothills Art Society cultural activities, and to support all organizations as they relate to MRF goals.